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  1. Me too, very occasionally. Mostly out of respect for what this board used to be. I clean out the spam when I log on, but that's about it. Haven't tuned in quite a while.
  2. YEAH!!!!!
  3. I just downloaded UVScan_10_18_08.zip with no problems from Downloads -> DRIVERS AND PROGS -> UVscan - latest public release
  4. That's nice!! I hated going through 75+ accounts and not finding 1 legitimate new member.
  5. Can you make the first birthday year say 1930 instead of 1950? Then just delete any accounts with a birthdate year of 1930. The year is second thing I look at when validating new accounts (the first is the last name). I have yet to see any new users born in 1950... Or, how about adding the birthday year to the list when validating accounts? That would make it a lot easier too.
  6. Sounds like an interesting project. I'd like to do something like that, the 3800 is a good engine for a kit car - small with lots of power. Do you have any pics of your progress so far?
  7. So, he could walk with a 2 year sentence? For killing someone? This wasn't an accident from the way the article read. Shit like this just pisses me off!
  8. PM your Powrtuner serial number to me and I'll get your account updated as a DHP customer. Then you'll have access to a lot of PT specific information and downloads.
  9. What is the OSID for the 1.5 file? If you don't know, you can post it and we can check.
  10. hmmm, I'm guessing the OSID is not supported, but normally you'd get an error reading he PCM if this were the case. Post the file you read from the PCM and we'll see if the problem is in the PT or the file itself. Also, what OS are you running PT under (Win XP, Vista, Win 7?) and are you using an actual serial port or do you use a usb to serial adapter (and which one, KeySpan?)
  11. Who did you buy it from? It should be a number like 2.xxxxxxxx (the x's being other numbers). JeffsGTP can upgrade you're account without the serial number if that end up being the case, he's the boss .
  12. I replied to a message you posted on another board about your bin. Also, I need the serial number from your PT interface so I can get your account upgraded. That way you will be able to D/L the 2005 bin you wanted.
  13. I need the serial number from your PT interface. The number is on the box, PM that to me and I'll get you all fixed up.
  14. What are you looking for? Open source what??
  15. Those are the user names, not sure of the actual names, but I believe Janice is actually the guys wifes name. I would go with a VS cam (from ZZP), LS6 springs, headers, a CAI, and a 3.4 pulley. I believe that should get you close to the 60 HP mark and act pretty much like it does right now. I've been running the mods in my sig for about 3 years. I have about 40,000 miles on the engine and have not had any problems after I got the heads right. Not sure about EFILive, but I know HPTuner and PT (duh!) tune them.