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  1. No Eddie hasnt replied back I sent him to 60v6 and trying to get 3400modified to pm Eddie or someone else
  2. Pm eddieGTP he can help you out If not let me know please i know a guy on 60degreev6 that is one of the Mods friend
  3. Wow this place is dead due to the economy and winter Post up and let us know youe alive out there !!!
  4. Welcome sir. The site is slow now but there are a few tha still check in and help when they can. I am somewhat new also. There is alot of knowledge posted here. Do plenty of searches and alot of reading and you should find what your looking for.
  5. I would be interested also !!! I have a 60v6 but still love this site and lots of usefull info here
  6. Welcome and your off to a great start. The search button is your best friend. Things are very slow here and the season doesn't help. . There is alot of info here to be used and learned from. Make sure you register your serial number with. One of the mods here. And have fun.
  7. greetings and Welcome !!!
  8. send a message to jeffsgtp and he will take care of you and put your serail number in the PM