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  1. This would be amazing to have. I have tapatalk on my Blackberry playbook and iphone and its a great way to interface with the forums! i don't visit any forums from my mobile browsers (iphone, playbook) - way too painful and not worth it.
  2. You sir - get my thanks... need more forums to support this .. so much quicker and it remembers your password for you ..
  3. would be sweet I would be here more often from my iphone - great app.. i currently use it on GPF.net. you can use it for multiple forums which is sweet!
  4. you should really title your posts with something deeper than 'hello'
  5. VS or S1x is your cam then
  6. EFI live will not tune this PCM.. I am 100% sure of that.. I did a full rebuild (including the bottom end... which many people say stay out of) She's great and tuning is where the power is at you can send me a PM if you want and I can send u some links for parts. I have the XP cam which has more top end in the grind the VS cam is more of a mid range You should look into porting the supercharger and welding up the silencer ports .. your client would like that! I'm running close to 330whp which is about 200 crank hp over stock. I'm no mechanic but I think I made out alright - feel free to drop a line. cheers oh and Clevite cam,rod and crank bearings are very good, good choice on ARP head, main and rod bolts, do not cheap out and reuse the flexplate, cam or crank bolts either! TTY bolts.
  7. This would be so amazing to have a new version. You could definitely count me for $25-$50 donation I would love histograms or better charting graphs! I could help with hosting too if needed..
  8. What are you trying to do man, what car do you have, etc. Maybe I can help you with a file.
  9. Hey there, Ty from Canada, spent the Winter building n L67..... Damn this tuning is FUUUUN... soo much to read, but there is so much info out there... Was a bit unsure at first, but Its so much fun... HUGE THANKS TO EDDIE!! your info and table modifier has helped me out a lot! THANKS to JERRY H. .. Your tuning guides have really helped me out. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. You are a former member of one of the clubs I'm in... oq... Hope you're doing great. ps. Does anyone know if there is a guide on how to 'collect scan data' for example, some just say drive for 30 mins, others say 'pulse the peddle at 1200 rpm for different map readings, then do 1600 etc" i just want to make sure im getting the best data collection. Thanks! looking forward to learning more and helping other newbies out when possible.